European Legends and Folkore

Telling old Roman, Merovingian, Karolingian, Viking, Keltic, etc European stories and putting them into a historical context. So the podcast has a storytelling and historical component.

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Thursday Jul 30, 2020

The introduction to the European Legends and folklore pod. A podcast in which legends are put into a historical context. 

Thursday Jul 30, 2020

The story of the Sunkencastle in Udenhout once inhabited by buckriders. 

The Walking Holy Mary Statue

Monday Aug 10, 2020

Monday Aug 10, 2020

In the city of 's Hertogenbosch they have a very old holy Mary statue which walked and did many many miracles. Check it out. 

Tuesday Aug 18, 2020

In the middle ages during a mass an accident happened and a priest spoiled wine which turned in to the blood of Christ

Thursday Aug 27, 2020

In this podcast i'll look at the Werewolf of St Michielsgestel and werewolf stories in general and place them in a historical context. 

Sunday Sep 20, 2020

Giants are part of our culture. Everywhere around the globe in almost any culture there are stories about Giants. 

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